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un kakka

24 April
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i enjoy long walks on the beach, a glass of red, and i cook a pretty mean stir fry. lavalife. faGz
70 and 80s disco, after forever, all that remains, allan holdsworth, anal, animal, arch enemy, armik, arnie, arsis, as i lay dying, at the drive in, at the gates, australian hardcore, australian metal, beaker, beavis and butthead, beethoven, beyond the embrace, bhbs, biotechnology, blind guardian, breakdowns, btbam, chalice, children of bodom, chimaira, chug, chunk, clans, classical, coldplay, coma eternal, cookie monster, coprofago, counter strike, cryptopsy, cynic, daniella rush, dark tranquillity, darkest hour, dead to fall, death, devoiid, devolved, dildos, dimension zero, disillusion, dream theather, eey0re, embraced, emperor, empyrium, endthisday, enslaved, evanescence, evergrey, farts, flykicks, funeral for a friend, fusion, garden of shadows, gardenian, giger, god forbid, guitar, guns and roses, himsa, in flames, in the woods, infernal method, iron maiden, it dies today, j.s bach, jaco pastorious, jamiroquai, jazz, john mcgloughlin, jumping castles, justin timberlake, kakka, karate kid, katatonia, killswitch engage, knee injuries, lamb of god, melodic death metal, meshuggah, mingus, misery signals, mnemic, moonspell, mozart, mudvayne, muppets, muse, my dying bride, my pee pee, necrophagist, nehemiah, nevermore, nightwish, nile, norma jean, novembre, old metallica, opeth, p00p, pain of salvation, passenger, pat metheny, piazolla, pingu, remembering never, rocky, sandra irons, shadows fall, shreding, skid row, small feet, smelly arm pits, soccer, soilwork, steven seagull, suidakra, swedish metal, sweeping, synthesist, synthetic breed, textures, the abandonment, the black dahlia murder, the dillinger escape plan, the haunted, theory in practice, toys, ulver, underoath, unearth, van dam, van halen, vehemence, veil of maya, victor wooten, vintersorg, withering surface, without face